Tuesday, May 24th

Ok, what do you usually think of when considering eating seaweed? It’s just your average slimy green stuff from the sea, right? On the contrary, the wise cultures of Asia and Polynesia have long known the health benefits of eating water plants. Seaweed is brimming with vitamins and minerals that are scarcely available in other food items rich in nutrients such as iodine, vitamin B folate, pantothenic acids and magnesium in abundant amounts.

Seaweed has great cancer fighting potential too! Seaweed contains a high concentration of lignans, which are found in plants and act as an inhibitor of cancer cells. Lignans also slow the growth of blood cells which feed cancer tumors. In other words, lignans prevent cancer cells from forming in the body and where cancer is already present, lignans prevent the cancer from spreading through the bloodstream. Besides kicking cancer’s butt, there are other added benefits to eating seaweed as well. Allow me to name a few:

• Supports thyroid functions.

• Helps to regulate metabolism.

• Reduces the risk of diabetes, alzheimer’s disease, obesity, breast cancer and mesothelioma.

• Is a great source of folic acid for a healthy pregnancy.

• Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

There are many delicious recipes that have seaweed in it since it is similar to other leafy greens with a pinch more flavor. Take a tip from Andrea at Rooted Nutrition during her featured class this coming March 17th that completely focuses around seaweed. For the most part, seaweed is packaged as a dry sheet and should be boiled in water and used in soups, salads and stews and is also a favorite ingredient for many sushi rolls and Japanese dishes.

Don’t be too discouraged if you feel lazy and don’t want to cook. Seaweed can be taken as a dietary supplement without losing all of the nutrients and vitamins they have to offer. The high amount of pantothenic acids supports adrenal glands to function at optimal levels reducing stress. So, just relax and take a seaweed pill.


Katrina Evans is a recent college graduate and major foodie aspiring to write with a purpose. In the name of health and wellness, she especially enjoys making a difference in the lives of others devastated by cancer bringing whatever support she can for them and their families. Katrina also reads all the time, works to stay fit, and listens to cool podcasts.

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